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The Robinson’s Fall 2012 | Willowsford, VA | Family Portraiture

I had the pleasure of spending another afternoon with the Robinson family in late October this year.  We met at a location Amy had chosen that once belonged to her great, great grandfather in Willowsford, Virginia. Even though it was an overcast day, we were hoping for some good color in the sky. Let me know what you think.


Robinson Family

The Robinson Family, Fall 2012

Here are a few other images from that session:


Nicholson 70th Birthday Party | Portraits | Leesburg, Virginia

I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with the Marsha Nicholson and her wonderful family.  The 14 of us spent the time recording the beauty that is the Nicholson, Burke and Kuhlmann families.

Here are some of the images I captured that day:

Thank you for spending the afternoon with me.

Luke M – 6 months and growing | Leesburg Family Portraiture

I had the pleasure of spending some play time with Luke M. last month.  At the ripe age of 6 months, Luke was giving me a glimpse into his personality.

Thank you Luke for sharing some time with me before Christmas.  I hope you and Kuma can come for a visit soon.

Little Maggie Celebrates her First Birthday | Leesburg, VA – Portrait Photographer

Little Maggie celebrated her first birthday in October of this year.

Maggie P enjoying the fall leavesI’ve been working with her mother for a few months now trying to capture some memories of her infancy.  Yes, I know, a lot of children have 1st year birthdays, and the father inside of me hopes that every child out there has a chance to see his or her first birthday (plus many more).

Maggie, however did not have an easy path to the grand age of 1.  She was born premature and with a collapsed lung.  She spent the majority of the first year of her life in medical care.  Her family was on a first name basis with everyone at the rescue squad.  After a few surgeries, they were able to restore normal use to her collapsed lung and she began the healing process.

I’m happy to report that her first birthday was a grand event.  It was magical to see everyone that had been rooting for her and her survival come out and help her celebrate.

I look forward to watching little Maggie grow up and hope to see her again soon.

Grandparents and Grandchildren – Leesburg, VA Portrait Photography

As is the tradition in our house, we have an early Halloween dinner, take photos of the kids with my in-laws, then head to the Leesburg Halloween Parade.

My in-laws always take their portrait with the boys in their Halloween outfits and use that for their annual Christmas card.  I’m not really sure how the tradition started, but now that we are 6 years into it, and have 2 boys to showcase, a tradition it has become.

Sometimes you just have to let out the inner animal.

If you are new to the area and/or have never been to the Leesburg Halloween parade, you’re truly missing out.  Leesburg hosts 4 (I think it’s 4) parades a year.  The Halloween parade is by far the most popular and usually attracts floats, bands and businesses from across Loudoun County.

Crooked Run Orchard – Emily and Jesse – Engagement Slideshow

Ok, I know it’s a long time in the making, but here is the slideshow I put together for Emily and Jesse.  I had a great time shooting their engagement.  I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for sharing your special day with me out in the orchard.

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Crooked Run Orchard | The Vizcaino Proposal – Engagement in Progress

On September 26, 2010, I had the pleasure of photographing the engagement of Jesse and Emily.

Emily and Jesse…I have been so excited for your engagement and it didn’t disappoint, regardless of the pending weather that was circling around the orchard that day.  Thank you for allowing me to witness the event and help you begin the celebration as you plan for your wedding.

Jesse Proposes

The happy couple

Having some fun in the orchard

Thank you Crooked Run Orchard for providing the colorful backdrop.  Thank you Protea Diamond Jewelers for a beautiful ring.  More shots of the ring can be found here.

I’m still making a few edits to the slide show.  Once those are done and I figure out how to embed it, I’ll post it here on the blog.  Stay tuned . . .

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